Maryna Krotofil

I am ...

Research interests 
  • Cyber-physical security of industrial control systems
    • Process control systems (PCS)
    • Smart Grids
  • Developing cyber-physical security fundamentals, e.g. process-aware security properties
  • Design and implementation of cyber-physical attacks to understand attackers strategies and develop detection and reaction solutions.
  • Process-aware risk assessment: mission-oriented risk assessment
I am especially interested in the security solutions at the control and field levels of the PCS to ensure secure (a.k.a. survivable) control of the physical processes.

Upcoming Events

      Current involvements

      • Shell: Introduction to Networking and Security for Control & Automation Systems (26.10.11)
      • Shell: Diploma Safety for Operational Supervisors VCS (16.11.11)
      • Shell: Field Instrumentation (28.11-09.12.11)
      • DHS: Introduction to Control Systems Cybersecurity  (11.05.12)
      • DHS: Control Systems Cyber Security Advanced Training (14-18.05.12)
      • Siemens: Industrial communication with PROFIBUS/PROFINET (17-18.01.13)
      • Siemens: Upgrade from Step7 to TIA Portal: PLC programming (11-12.03.13)
      • Siemens: TIA Portal and new PLC  generation S7-1500 (15-16-04.13)
      • Siemens: Safety Systems, Safety Integrated with SIMATIC S7 (27-28.05.13)
      • TCIPG: Summer School on Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (17-21.06.13)
      • HIMA: Equipment safety "Security for Safety" (19.11.13)
      • Heise: Network Assesment and Penetration Training (28-29.11.13)
      • S4x14: Introduction to Hardware Hacking for ICS Professionals workshop (17.01.14)
      • ENCS: Advanced ICS Security Training (03-07.03.14)


      •  Organizer of OWASP AppSec Research Conference (20-23.08.2013)
      •  Organizer of WASR'13: 1st European workshop on Web Application Security Research (20.08.2013)
      •  Organizer of WiSec’11: 4th ACM Conference on Wireless Network Security (15-17.06.11)
      •  Organizer of  myPhD’13: 5th German doctoral gathering in security field (16-17.09.13)
      •  Organizer of  HCW’12:  Home Coming Weekend for NIT Alumni (28-30.09.12)
      •  Organizer of  HCW’13: Home Coming Weekend for NIT Alumni (27-29.09.13)
      •  Organizer of  HCW’14: Joined Home Coming Weekend for NIT and TUHH Alumni (26-28.09.14)

      Teaching experience

      WS 14: 
      • Exercise: Introduction to Security
      SS 13: 
      • Exercise: Network Security
      WS 13:
      • Exercise: Introduction to Security
      SS 12:
      • Exercise: Network Security
      • Security Seminar
      WS 12:
      • Exercise: Software Security
      • Practice: Software Project
      • Proseminar Informatics
      SS 11:
      • Exercise: Network Security
      WS 11:
      • Exercise: Software Security
      • Practice: Software Project
      • Proseminar Informatics
      SS 10:
      • Exercise: Network Security

      Past Events
      • Visiting European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) (04-09.08.13)
      • Attending Network Assessmentand Penetration Training of Compass Security (28-29.11.13)
      • Attending 30C3, Hamburg (27-30.12.13