• D. Gollmann, M. Krotofil
    Cyber Physical Systems Security
    Invited paper for a "Happy Birthday" volume of the Lecture Notes on Computer Science for David Khan, February 2015 

  • D. Gollmann, P. Gurikov, A. Isakov, M. Krotofil, J. Larsen, A. Winnicki
    Cyber-Physical Systems Security – Experimental Analysis of a Vinyl Acetate Monomer Plant
    The 1st Cyber-Physical System Security Workshop (CPSS'15), Singapore, April 2015 

  • M. Krotofil, J. Larsen, D. Gollmann
    The Process Matters: Ensuring Data Veracity in Cyber-Physical Systems 
    The 10th ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS'15), Singapore, April 2015 

  • M. Krotofil
    Cyber Can Kill and Destroy too: Blurring Borders between Conventional and Cyber Warfare
    Special edition of the International Journal of Cyber Warfare and Terrorism (IJCWT), December 2014

      • M. Krotofil, J. Larsen
        Are You Threatening my Hazards? (pdf)
        The 9th International Workshop on Security (IWSEC'14), August 2014, Hirosaki, Japan 

      • M. Krotofil, A. Cardenas
        Is This a Good Time? Deciding on When to Launch Attacks Against Cyber-Physical Systems (pdf) (poster)
        Poster Session at the 3rd ACM International Conference on High Confidence Networked Systems (HiCoNS '14), April 2014, Berlin, Germany 

      • M. Krotofil,  D. Gollmann
        Industrial Control Systems Security: What is happening?
        IEEE 11th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN '13), July 2013, Bochum, Germany

      • D. Gollmann, M. Krotofil and H. Sauff
        Rescuing Wireless Sensor Networks Security from Science Fiction
        Workshop on Wireless Cooperative Network Security (WCNS '11), May 2011, Valencia, Spain (pdf)

      • Pallavi Manohar, Maryna Vereshchaka, D. Manjunath 
        Survivability Analysis under Non-Uniform Stochastically Dependent Node Damages
         National Conference on Communications - NCC, January 2010, Chennai, India (pdf)

      My student works

      • Simulation of attacks on reputation-based routing protocols for wireless sensor networks (pdf)
      • Survivability Analysis of Communication Networks for Non Uniform Damage
        Models (pdf)

      Supervised works

      • Student Project: Security Evaluation of Industrial Control Networks (March 2012)
      • Student Project: Design of Hybrid ICS Testbed and IDS framework for Cyber-Security Experiments (May 2013)
      • Master's Thesis: Taxonomy of Intrusion Detection Systems for Industrial Control Systems (May 2013)
      • Academic Internship: Analysis of the Cyber-Physical Attacks Impact on the  Example of Tennessee-Eastman process (May-June 2013
      • Student Project: Modeling of Cyber-Physical attacks on the  Example of Tennessee-Eastman process (December 2013)
      • Master's Thesis: Composite Security-in-Depth Program for ICS Environments (in progress)
      • Bachelor's Thesis: Design of IDS Agent for Detecting Data Inconsistencies in Industrial Control Systems  (in progress)
      • Bachelor's Thesis: Entropy-Based Anomaly Detection for Process Control Systems (October 2013)
      • Bachelor's Thesis: Protection of Process Data on an HMI: Threats and Solutions (in progress)
      • Student Project: Design of GUI for Modeling Cyber-Physical Attacks on the Chemical Processes (in progress)
      • Student Project: Process-Aware Message-Authenticated Modbus (in progress)
      • Student Project: Analysis of Cumulative Aircraft Security Errors and its Contribution to Air-Crash Eventualities (in progress)
      • Student Project: Detection of Data Inconsistencies in Industrial Control Networks  (in progress)
      • Student Project: Modbus Traffic Monitoring in ICS Environment  (in progress)
      • HiWi: Design of Full-Fledge Hybrid Testing Environment for Cyber-Security Experiments on the premise of LabView, S7-1200 and chemical process models in Matlab